Head: '90 Metalhead
Torso: '87 Psyche-Out
Arms: '90 Salvo
Waist: unknown
Legs: '85 Dusty

Rifle: '90 Rock Viper (modified)

The Marauders is the Joe teams answer to guerilla warfare. This particular team specializes in anti guerilla tactics and jungle warfare. They are down to get dirty in the battle against Cobra, often relying on employing the same guerilla warfare techniques they are trained to counter. Pointblank is the team's Sniper

These customs were complete prior to my initial hiatus and for the longest time they were my most ambitious project. The majority of the figures required additional modifications beyond the simple parts swap and paint job. They remain among some of my favorite customs to date.

Pointblank was an original character created by fellow customizer, Sgartz. This figure was created in homage to his original character/ self custom to show my appreciation for all the guidance he gave me when I was starting out in the hobby.

The mods to this guy were pretty extensive. I sanded down most of the Psyche-Out torso, and added some BBI pouches, canteen and pistol in holster. I cut a magazine off of a spare Barricade gun and glued that to the chest, and then added a strap over it for a little more realism.
On the legs I added kneepads from a JvsC Gung-ho figure, and then added straps around the legs.
I took the Rock viper ridle and cut off the circular part, which I think was some sort of air-compressor. In its place I added another clip from a Barricade gun, which matches the one on his chest.

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