Head: Psych-out v1
Torso: Cross-Country
Arms:Snow Job v1
Waist: Zartan v4
Legs: Tele-Viper v5

Webgear vest: Gung-Ho v11
Small machine gun: Cobra Commander v14

Equipment Storage and handler
Code Name: Packer

File Name: Parker, Alex
Aliases: Packrat, Pockets, Knapsack.
Birthplace: Dillion, South Carolina

Packer is Dreadnoks storage expert, loosely. When the Dreadnoks need something carried and don't want to be bothered, They give it to Packer, he has over thirty pockets and can store anything. Packer's only problem is, since he stores so much, he tends to forget where he puts them. It can take days even weeks before you can get something back from him.
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" I'm still waiting for that copy of Hulk 181 he was holding for over ten years." Torch

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