Big Bear head, Wind Chill body

So why in the world didn't the Oktober Guard have a dedicated arctic specialist? I mean, a fair portion of the former Soviet Union is pretty much frozen tundra. So one of my earliest ideas was for an arctic Oktober Guard specialist. He was easy enough to make, ultimately. I modified a Big Bear head, adding some white trim to the very Russian fur hat he wears, and changing the hair color from red to dark brown (and painting it a little bit beyond the original borders to make it look thicker). It's always amazed me how unlike Big Bear he looks to me. Then I added the Wind Chill body, which I liked because of the design of the coat. I added some additional camouflage and a bit of red trim, and made sure I sanded off the "US" on the gun holster! I realize that "Polar Bear" isn't the most Russian-sounding name in the world, but it was the best I could come up with. I wanted to keep the "Bear" element. And there he is!

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