Head: Flint v8 (modified)
Arms/Torso: Duke v12
Waist/Legs: Gung Ho v14
- Rifle: Red Star

Another Qobra 'Q' Qustom!

File Name: Unknown
Primary Military Specialty: Special Operations
Secondary Military Specialty: Sniper
Birthplace: Unknown
Grade: O-2 (Lieutenant)

Little is known about Qarnage. It is believed he served with a NATO nation's Special Operations unit before transferring to Cobra. He is thought to have served as Qaos' fire team partner before both ascended to command positions. It is said that the two have a seamless synergy - almost a telepathic bond - and can often communicate complex instructions to each other using only their eyes. Were they not so implicitly trusted by the Cobra hierarchy, they would be the object of intense fear. Qarnage usually commands the outer cordon during SPECTRE Operations.

Note: SPECTRE*-Viper is the designation given to an indoctrinated Crimson Guard, serving in the CG's Clandestine Operations Division under the Crimson Shadow Guard.

* SPECial Tactics and REconnaissance

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