Head: Zarana
Torso/Waist/Legs: Baroness
Arms: Zarana
Cloak: Star Wars
Crossbow: Scarlett

Once I decided to do the whole team, I knew I wanted to go with a figure that seemed a little more experienced for the Queen. I felt that CP Zarana's head had an 'older' type hairstyle, one that was more about function than form. I also figured she would wear a combination of clothing and armor like the Baroness, so I just went with that. I went with a crossbow to give her more of a 'Cupid' weapon, since she's the Queen of Hearts. When I finished, I realized something was amiss, so I scrounged up a cloak for her. It is made of the plastic type that stays tacky after spraying, and it took a few coats of sealant to remedy that.

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