Head, arms, chest: NS Zarana
Waist, legs: NS GI Jane
Gunbelt from 25A Scarlett
Grenade from 25A Destro (wrist mounted)

I'm closing in on the last of the international figures I plan on doing. One or two more and I'm done, maybe!

This is one of the few international figures of which I own the real version. The goal here was to mix up the parts so that the figure didn't look like a Scarlett repaint while keep the feel of the original Quarrel figure.

The gloves have a bit of a prostitute look about them. I considered filling in the fishnet pattern, but decided it adds a marginally skanky vibe to the character not shared with Scarlett.

The shoulder padding is sculpted on, as is the mystery device on the left leg.

Even with the addition of the shoulder padding and grenade, I still get a little bit of a Zarana feel. Modifying the hair or hiding the sunglasses might have helped.

Sadly, the NS Zarana head wasn't readily interchangeable with any another NS female heads.

Like all of the Action Force figures I've done, I've included the sky blue. This time on Quarrel's sunglasses. Aside from the blue, it's pretty much a direct color copy from the original figure.

This is also the first figure that I've used a real clear coat. Rather than using a spray clear coat, I used a brush applied one. This allowed me to leave the flesh tone in matte colors.

Thanks for looking.

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