Body, arms, legs: Ret GI Joe Trooper
Vest: PoC Recondo
Head: DTC Breaker (Comic Pack)
Helmet: PoC Beachhead
Backpack: RoC Neo Viper
Weapon: 30th Sci-Fi

What we call the New Sculpt era is actually several product lines starting with GI Joe vs Cobra, followed by Spy Troops, Valor vs Venom and finally the internet-exclusive Direct to Consumer line. Along the way, old soldiers were given fresh looks and new characters were created. Looking back on that period between 2002 and 2006, the lines are a mixed bag remembered for strange figure proportions and so-so accessories, but also memorable new characters and fresh new ideas. This is an attempt to bring some of the better ideas into the modern era.


''Introduced in the Spytroops line, Red Spot was GI Joe's third Laser trooper. The original had a cool look, but needed some adjustments for the proportions and the color was a little bland. This was a good opportunity to modernize the figure. The Retaliation GI Joe Trooper mold was a good base. I went back and forth on the helmet. The PoC Beachhead helmet may not be my final choice, but it works for now.''

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