Head: Raptor
Body: Buzzer
Arms: Airborne
Thighs: Raptor
Lower legs: Shipwreck
Feet: Raptor
Jacket: Henry Jones Sr

Before Destro conscripted him into service to Cobra for poaching, Raptor was a lowly accountant at Extensive Enterprises. He was an eccentric bird, not very good with people, but very good with numbers. Once joining Cobra full on, he was able to thrive - his eccentricities set free, he created an army if psychotic birds of various breeds. He continues in his work as a CPA, but his heart is in the clouds.

I had wanted to do this custom for a really long time. I have to say, I am really pleased with this guy. He makes me laugh. There was actually a great deal of work involved in making him. I removed the cowl, sanded away his domino mask, added ears from a Spy Troops mask, had to cut away a lot of the back torso so the jacket would fit, remove his gun and fill in the gaps where the straps were, remove and transplant the feet, and sculpt cuffs onto the end of Airborne's arms. Oh and I had to cut off his belt buckle and bring that over.

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