Head: Resolute Cobra Commander
Body: "Buck" Rogers Twiki
Gun: Princess Leia or equivalent

This custom represents (fully in jest) my impression of the Red Laser Commander, my personal nemesis of 2014 in the Red Laser vs. Blue Laser challenge. This was a contest to see who could submit the most customs to the site gallery. It started as a personal challenge between board member Bucky and I, and then was opened up to all board members, voluntarily, who signed up and were randomly assigned to one of the teams. It was wildly successful, and the site saw the greatest number of custom submissions for one year in it's history. Bucky deserves congratulations for this, even if he's just a diminutive robot despot. As a side note, this custom came about as a tutorial for KilCarr on how to use the Tamiya clear paints.

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