Head: Low-Light V4
Chest: Dr. Mindbender V1
Arms: Monkeywrench V1
Hands: Tunnel Rat V12
Middle Piece: Mutt V3
Upper Legs: Dusty V1
Lower Legs: Colonel Brekhov V1

I had always envisioned that the Dreadnoks would have a maniacal machine gunner and was originally going to have it be a black man with dreadlocks or an obese white man. The black man with dreadlocks was used as my Burnout custom and Gristle was a heavy set white man. The idea popped in my head to make a Neo-Nazi character after I created Burn-Out. I just thought it would be cool to have two new members of the Dreadnoks be individuals that you would never see together anywhere else. I searched for several pictures of Neo-Nazis and found that a lot of them were either bald or had militaristic haircuts. I also noticed that a lot of them wore some type of combat boot, and often where in fatigues of some sort. A lot of the tough guys with tattoos and bare chest were in several photos as well. After doing a lot of research, it was just a matter of putting the pieces together. In the process of creating this Neo-Nazi Dreadnok I wanted to make sure to capture a lot of history from WWII and Germany. I also wanted to give Rat-a-tat a legitimate level of hatred that bordered on being psychotic. I feel like I was able to capture this in the filecard as well as the figure. He carries and ancient shield showing the family crest of Loewe, plus a battle axe from the days of Germania into battle. The MG-34 and helmet from the Third Reich are from WWII. As with all of my custom Dreadnoks I wanted the gear to be removable so he could hang out in any biker bar and not draw attention to himself.

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