Head: SpyTroops Wild Bill (modified)
Torso: Comic Pack #16 Spirit
Arms, waist, legs: DTC Monkeywrench
Belt & knife: DTC Spirit

Filename: Doogan, Robert
Birthplace: Perth, Australia

Razorback grew up poor and grew up hard; from a young age he learned to fight dirty and mean, which carried him from the bottom of the back street pecking order to a top enforcer-for-hire to some of the most dangerous gangs throughout Australia. What he can do with a knife, or most any edged weapon, is surpassed by very few. It was this skill, along with his pure viciousness, that got him inducted into the Dreadnoks.

His name as a double meaning. Like the animal, he is vicious and unpredictable at the best of times; but it also applies to the steel Mohawk he wears. Instead of hair it consists of razor sharp metal spines surgically embedded in his skull. Originally intended to be decorative, he's turned them into a nasty and unpredictable weapon, despite the risk to himself when using them. Adversaries are well-advised to avoid getting head-butted by him-if may be the last thing they do!

Design notes:

Simple custom, except for the head. To achieve a solid mohawk, I split his head down the middle with an X-acto saw and inserted a thin strip of plastic which had been rounded into the mohawk shape; I then added Sculpey over that, marked the strands with my X-acto knife, and boiled and painted. The result is a very solid mohawk design.

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