-RoC Reactive Armor Scarlett body, hip holster and gun
-RoC Helix head
-Highlights made with burgundy frost nail polish
-Resolute Duke rifle
-Resolute Cobra Commander sword

This Raina DeCobray is the second version of this character the first being the Imperial Precession Baroness figure.

I finally decided Raina needed to have a younger hipper looking figure.

Raina DeCobray came from my looking at the Cobra Imperial Precession set, specifically the back card art, and I kept thinking that looks to young to be the Baroness, so who the hell was she? I started on the back story of who could she be? Well she looked like a younger version of the Baroness so why not her daughter? This was way before the DDP had the Baroness pregnant, so anyway I reached back into Cobra's history and decided maybe The Baroness and the Commander spent some quiet time way back at the beginnings of Cobra.....and so became the secret daughter of Cobra Commander and The Baroness. Raised in secret by The Baroness's family she joined the ranks of Cobra after being tossed out of private boarding schools in Switzerland...she plots, she plans and has been building her own army secretly...she doesn't want to overthrow the Commander or usurp The Baroness and Destro...but she is ready to take over when the time comes.

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