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Head: SW Aurra Sing w/MU Spider-Woman hair
Arms: IJ Russian Soldier
Hands: ???
Torso: NS Scarlett
Waist & legs: NS Lady Jaye
Jacket: Indiana Jones


This is another Master Collector figure that's interesting, but not worth the eBay price. The original figure is a bit bland, too. I used pieces that busied up the design just a little bit with some armored bits.

Colors & Paint:

Based on the dark tan and dark green of the original figure, but dirtied up a bit. Because the Scarlett armored torso and Lady Jaye armored shins were obviously different from the rest of the pieces, I painted them dull silver. Black might have worked better on the armor, but I stuck with the silver.

Sclupting & Modification:

The Spider-Woman hair and Aurra Sing head were cut up to fit each other. Epoxy was used to fill the neck socket to accept the head. Hot glue was used for the shoulder sockets to accept the arms.

Thanks for looking.

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