Head: Wet Suit v.1 w/t-shirt
Torso: Night Viper
Arms: Snake Eyes v. 3
Waist: Zanabar
Thighs: Spearhead
Feet: Zandar

Canteen: Chap Mae
Back pack: Airtight torso

Made as a subordinate to Wowboy's Sidewinder Sand Viper Commander. This was my attempt at a camo pattern I discussed with him. I had two major problems with this custom.

First, for whatever reason the head kept falling over while it was drying causing it to dry with patches I couldn't smooth out.

Second, the pattern itself was not made tighter because all the sketches I did showed it would look too much like armor and not just a pattern. The dark rown line was supposed to be more of a dry brush look that broke up the line. This didn't work out at all so I made it more solid. Then it looks like a bad paint job rather then intentional.

Overall I'm disappointed with the pattern. It looks more like a sweater that Bill Cosby would wear than a camo pattern.

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