Heads: One cast ROTLA Toht, One cast Short-Fuze w/Toht hat
Body: Custom Cast Suit Body (DCIH The Question torso + IJ Indiana Jones legs + SW Rebel Fleet Trooper arms)
Hands: One pair SW Rebel Fleet Trooper, one pair SW Han Solo


The Secret Service provided a security detail for Dr. Burkhart in Marvel's GI Joe #1. They were ambushed by the Baroness and her team disguised as a camera crew. By 1982, the Homburgs (hats) worn by the Secret Service agents were already out of style, but the artist Herb Trimpe was likely using them as a dramatic device so the readers could tell the Secret Service good guys from the "camera crew" bad guys.

Colors & Paint:

Taken from the comic book. I gave one a blue tie and one a grey tie to mix it up a little, and make them look slightly less like the Blues Brothers. To make the Toht head look less like Toht, I painted the lenses solid black and the hair grey with long sideburns. It didn't work very well.

Sculpting & Modifying:

These are my first all-resin figures, aside from the hands. Making figures of characters in suits is a hassle. There are only a handful of figures to chose from, and I only have a few in my fodder box. There are many suited characters that I'd like to make. I decided to make several suited body types and then create cast bodies so I will always have a few to chose from. The drawback is that this cast suit body has almost zero points of articulation. In fact, only the arms move! The legs/knees/ankles don't move. But for my custom collection statue-like figures are just fine.

To create this suit body cast I combined the upper torso of The Question with the waist and legs of Indiana Jones. Because the arms of The Question are so ridiculously short, I replaced them with the better sized SW Rebel Fleet Trooper arms. The shoulder sockets had be dremmelled out, bulked up, and reworked with epoxy to accept the arm pegs. I backfilled the space between the skirt and the pants to make sure there weren't any areas in which the resin would be too thin.

The Short-Fuze head sits on a higher neck than the Toht head, so I gave it the Han Solo hands. This creates the appearance of longer arms, with the shirt sleeves popping out of the suit sleeves. On the Toht head figure, I used the SW RFT arms to look shorter.

I added the Homburg to the Short-Fuze head. This also turned out to be a mistake. Leaving the head without the hat would have worked just fine.

At the time I thought overall design looked pretty good, so I made a cast of it, creating a "go to" suited body ready for other characters in generic suits. However, I'm not happy with it and will rework it for future suited figures.

Thanks for looking.

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