Head: Chap Mei diver modified
Rest: Snake Eyes
Vest: Crimson Guard
Holster and sidearm: MTF
Rear holster and Mac10: MTF
Helmet: Horseman
Pack: Firefly

Law, what does that mean when all hell breaks lose and zombies destroy civilization as you know it? Don't answer it's a rhetorical question. I'll tell you what I did, my job. I was a cop, I was a federal agent. Yes, at the same time, cop by day, fed by night. I rode an advanced motorcycle. It was armored, armed, and fast. I spent my nights stopping criminals at the behest of my federal handlers. They told me where to go and I never asked why. I just did my job. Then there was no more handler. It became more and more difficult to figure out who was the "good guy" and who was the "bad guy."

I, like so many around the world, expected the government to come in and fix the problem. Days passed. Then weeks. Months. After a year I stopped pretending. I was on my own. I just needed to survive. I traveled the long roads of the midwest avoiding gangs, marauders, hordes, mutations, and whatever else was trying to kill me. I found what I could, stole when I needed, and survived.

Then came something I never expected. Cobra.

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