Head & lower legs: Scarlett (VvV) Chest, arms & waist: Baroness (VvV)
Upper legs: Sand Scorpion (VvV)

I am working on female counterparts to the usual baddies, to give my troops a more HR friendly feel.

I looked around and saw I had two Sand Scorpions and one Neurotoxin, and thought what a lovely family in the making I had here. I used Sculpey on Scarlett's head to smooth out where the hair was and to make the visor, on thing I did and the pictures do not show this detail was push the soft putty into the head of a Sand Scorpion to get the Cobra logo albeit in reverse.

Swapping out the upper legs with an actual Sand Scorpion helped to tie in the look of the characters, the rest was just a some army tan paint, which was what I had available at the time. So in my little world the Sand Scorpion is actually Neurotoxin and the vice versa.

Sand Scorpi-ettes, just like their brothers in arms, are brainwashed victims of Dr. Mindbender's evil plan for world domination.

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