Head: BBI w/modified neck
Torso, waist, legs, arms: Comic Pack Stalker
Helmet, goggles, M4/203: BBI
Backpack: Ripper '03

This was a figure I had no idea what to do with, or even what (or who) he would be; I just kept adding parts and hoping something came to me. The clincher came after adding the BBI head and helmet; coupled with the tan paint scheme, I knew I had a desert warfare soldier just waiting to be named. My first, actually.

A little design note: for the head I created a neck "ball" (or stub, rather, as the head still only turns side to side) by forming Sculpey Flex around the existing neck stub, then pressing the two torso halves together; the excess was scraped off, the head was boiled, and bingo, it won't pop out but will still move as it should from side to side.

I am particularly proud of this one, just for how well he came out. It's definitely motivated me to make more use of both RAH and BBI parts in combination for future customs.

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