Head:: Mirage v3 (Modified)
Torso/arms: Corps! Commando Force Flash (modified Torso)
Lower body: Power Team Elite Delta Force

Chaingun: Custom

Codename: Sgt. Savage
Filename: Savage, Robert Steven
SN: SVGA586566
Primary Military Specialty: Combat Mission Leader
Secondary Military Specialty: Heavy Weapons Expert/Fixed-Wing Pilot (Propellor Driven Aircraft)
Rank: E-8

Bio: "One minute it's 1944 and I'm leading the original Screaming Eagles on a deep strike into Germany itself, then suddenly we're being massacred... by one of our own and a bunch of enemy 'soldiers'. Next thing I know it's almost sixty years later and I find out that I spent that time in a giant icebox. I'm not the only soldier from the Big One still on active duty, but at the same time, Krieger... Blitz is still alive too, I don't know how, but when I find out how he's still alive, I plan on making sure he can't use it to survive once I get my hands around his throat." -- Journal Entry 0014

"The unit I'm serving in now is a good bunch, even if some of them seem like rejects from a bad radio thriller sometimes. There's a few that understand how much I hate Blitz all too well, some things don't change given more than fifty years, people still go bad and good soldiers still pay the price. Both Blitz and Devastator better hope their souls are right with whatever devil they made a deal with, because one's going to be staring down the barrel of my chaingun and there's a dozen members of Frontline taking numbers on the other!" -- Journal entry 0023

"They're giving me command of my own squad again, a new batch of Screaming Eagles, six sergeants with more courts-martial for insubordination than years I've been on ice. Doesn't matter, if they think that just because I've turned into Buck Rogers will keep them from becoming soldiers, they're gonna learn differently. And when I'm done with them, we're gonna hit both Blitz's IRON Army and Cobra harder than DiMaggio hits a baseball... then we're actually going to start TRYING to do some damage!" -- Journal Entry 0048

"Sgt. Savage isn't a golden boy, he's just a soldier... and unfortunately for the IRON Army and Cobra, an extremely pissed off soldier. Let me put it this way, no one's even touched Ace's board on whether or not Savage would stuff Blitz into a cryo-sleep chamber if he got the chance, it's a sucker's bet. Sometimes people ask why I let him get away with some of the stuff he does... It's simpler than Road Pig: As someone else whose had one of their squad turn traitor on them, it's the least I can do." -- Major J.T. Magnus, codename: "Turbo"

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