Head: Budo
Torso and arms: Big Boa
Waist: Storm Shadow v.2
Legs: Night Creeper v.1
Swords: Snake Eyes v.4
Scabbards: drink stirrers

Storm Shadow
Restrained Master

Storm Shadow, Thomas Arashikage, Tommy, my sword brother, he has had a troubled soul for a very long time. When he finally broke free of his mind controlled state, his body count was in the hundreds. Apparently no Cobras escaped from his sight. Afterwards, he disappeared. He did ask for nor want my help.

I confronted him and it was indeed Storm Shadow. He told me of his confusion after using the ninja mind set. The only thing that he was sure of was that he did not want to kill senselessly anymore. His only moments of pure tranquility came when he passed on the knowledge of his bloodline. Not just the fighting techniques but the ways and tradition of the family.

He also told me his new students had given him his name because of the fire in his eyes during demonstrations. They feared, as he did himself, that he could kill all of them without so much as a second thought. He meditates daily to find the self control to make his restraint less tedious. All these years of chasing his demons only to find the most dangerous is himself.

He knew I wanted to stay. He knew I wanted to help. I knew he wanted to fight this battle alone. So I left him to his new life. I will check in periodically and always keep an eye on him.

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