Head - Bazooka
Arms, torso - Pathfinder
Waist, legs - Hardball

Hat, knife, rifle - Marauder Inc.
Backpack - Viper (modified with knife sheath from Dart)

Tanglefoot started as a backpack. I was just playing around with parts and mounted a knife sheath from a Dart figure onto the side of a Viper backpack, and modified a Marauder knife to fit it. I then decided it needed an outdoorsy-jungle-type Joe to use the pack, so Tanglefoot was born. I took the name from the IDW Special Missions series, but that's the extent of the inspiration, the concept and character design are original. I painted his hair a dark brown, but to give him more differentiation from Bazooka, he has some stubble as well.

File Name: Brill, Michael E.
Birthplace: Seattle, WA
Service Branch: Marines
Grade: E-5 (Sgt)
Primary MOS: Reconnaissance Marine, Parachute Qualified
Secondary MOS: Field Radio Operator

"I don't think I've ever seen the guy go inside for any reason other than a direct order. He lives outdoors. They say he has a pup tent in his back yard so that when he's hone on leave, he doesn't have to sleep indoors. I don't believe it though. There's no way it's a pup tent. He probably builds a new lean-to every night after spending the day foraging for materials."

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