Head: Zartan
Body: Overkill
Arms: Burnout
Sword and Sheathe: Anna Valerous
Shield: Tunnel Rat

A former Royal Marine, Nathan Garrett grew up hearing the legends of his ancestor, Sir Percy, the Black Knight of the Round Table. While visit his ancestral castle, he discovered a chamber hidden beneath the keep.

Inside that chamber Garrett discovered a sword whose blade radiated power. Upon drawing it, something dark awoke in Garrett. He worked without sleep and when a fortnight had passed, Garrett had completed a set of ebony armor.
Launching a crime wave across greater London, Garrett was an unstoppable force, stealing what he needed and disappearing without a trace.

During an attack on STRIKE research facility, Garrett was badly injured by Captain Britain and was forced to escape before he retrieved the object he was after. Upon his return to Castle Garrett, he found a visitor who called himself Zemo. The man struck a deal with Garrett, leaving him a new suit of armor coated in Adamantium, and a sword forged of Vibranium, capable of cleaving a bus in two.

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