Figure: VvV Scarlett

A brilliant psychologist leading SHIELD's Psi-Ops, Dr. Karla Sofen's chance to join the Black Ops team was shattered by the sudden reappearance of Captain America and the formation of the Ultimates. With Black Ops pushed to the back burner, Sofen was left angry when SHIELD General Fury asked her to become the Ultimate's psychoanalyst following the fight between the Pyms that landed Janet Pym in the ER. Bitter and resentful, Sofen was quickly dubbed "that bitch in Psi-Ops" by Hawkeye.

Assigned to interview a group of SHIELD agents captured during the Kree attack, she discovered one was a Kree soldier wearing an armor similar to Kree defector Mahr Vel. Rather than reporting him, Sofen slew the spy and stole the armor for herself. Upon activating the armor, the neural link downloaded the entire Kree network into her mind. Calling her Moonstone, a legendary female warrior of Kree, the armor gave her an edge that would put her on par with Captain America in strength and agility.

Upon returning to her apartment, she discovered she had a visitor. Expecting it was a SHIELD officer, she prepared to incinerate him when he made her an offer.

Powering down, she accepted Zemo's offer without a moment's consideration.

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