Figure: DICE figure

Dr. Abner Jenkins, a genius in the fields of biomechanics and engineering was one of few people to aid Tony Stark in the development of Iron Man technology. Jenkin's specialty was the neural connection which created a link between the armor's systems and Stark's mind, allowing the armor to function as an extension of Stark's body.

Dr. Jenkins was tapped by the United States Department of Defense to create a second suit of armor for a new superhuman team, codenamed: Thunderbolt. The Thunderbolts would act as a backup team to the Ultimates, but their main focus would be direct threats to the United States. Chosen as team leader, Jenkins' new armor was primarily focused on defense and firepower, taking many of the ideas Jenkins had used in the Iron Man suit and meshing them with Kree technology and weaponry. The result, called Beetle, was able to take more punishment than Iron Man and dish it in spades.

As he reviewed files of potential team members, Jenkins accessed his team's budget and discovered the financing was not coming from the government, but was funneled from several holding firms.

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