Head: Adventure People- female figure cast
Chest/back, arms, waist: NS YEAR Lady Jaye
Hands: Indiana Jone- Mutt Williams
Waist, lower legs: NS Bombstrike
Upper legs: NS Scarlett
Feet: Star Wars- X-Wing Pilot
Harness: NS Snake-Eyes
Backpack: ARAH Roadblock weapons pack
Rifle: Marauder, Inc.


If GI Trekker sees Volga as a different character than Daina, that's good enough for me. After all, it was his work that lead to the creation of the character for Hasbro! There were obviously very few parts to utilize for the '98 line, so the original Volga figure was essentially a Lady Jaye repaint with a new head. The Adventure People head is an imperfect cast, calling back some of the sad sculpting of the ARAH Volga head (I doubt that Hasbro intentionally sculpted an ugly head). The rest of the parts recreate a look similar but not identical to the original figure.

Colors & Paint:

The camouflage is a rough take on a Russian pattern, plus a little nonsensical blue. So that the sculpted pockets weren't lost under the camouflage, they were lightly framed at the edges with thin lines. The framing lines are the same color as the base uniform. I extended them to the molded pockets, fly, and vertical seams on the trousers. They help establish the sponge texture painting as camouflage on the uniform.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The head is cast. The NS hands, amazingly, were correctly proportioned. However, I removed and replaced them with the bulkier Mutt Williams ones, which also added articulation. With the slightly larger hands, the boots had be replaced with larger ones. The harness was tightened by removing some of the straps and clips.

The screw insets in the thighs and the elbow hinges were epoxied smooth. The sleeve edges, leg pockets, and the bottom of the backpack are sculpted.


This figure is dedicated to GI Trekker. Thanks for helping GI Joe get relaunched back in '97/'98!

Thanks for looking.

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