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torso is a ninjabat, I dremelled out the cable recall gimmick to give him the lt stone lower arm. the lower legs are from duke v1 and the facemask is off a Rambo general tomahawk

coat is longrange and a mego shirt and tie

Fighting Crime in a FUTURE TIME...

Federal Agent V.P. Vess was assigned to the Empire City Major Crimes Division to bring in Brandon Babel AKA. Big Boss and his Criminal crew of Crooks. Big Boss would never pass up an advantage to give Agent Vess a warm welcome to Empire City. The explosion left agent Vess in critical condition, a modified life support system was created for him. While he did return to active duty immediately brandishing this armored life support system as the basis of his Codename: Bulletproof, he never disclosed the fill extent of his injuries. The loss of over half of his chest, an entire arm and his face has left him more machine than man.

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