Head (Tri-Gate Creations), Entire Body (SRO Iron Grenadier Officer), Pistol & Holster (UBP Steeler), Sword & Scabbard (SRO Destro)

As a kid, I always thought Voltar was pretty cool, despite his silly fuscia uniform. This is the way I think he should have looked in the first place. I wanted him to look very similar to the Iron Grenadier Officer from the Toys R Us exclusive Senior Ranking Officers 3-pack, but a bit more grandiose. So I started out with that figure as the base and removed the shoulder strap. I replaced the head with the new one, which was ordered from Tri-Gate Creations. The head was painted to match the vintage figure as closely as possible. I then painted the holster black and superglued it to his chest, in a similar manner to the way the vintage figure had it. I replaced the existing sword scabbard with the one from the SRO Destro figure only because I liked the purple for Voltar. The shoulder armor, chest armor and the codpiece were all painted gold to match the helmet and wrist armor. After all the paint was dry, I gave him a light application of Testors Dull-Cote.

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