Head: Corps
Rest: PoC Beachhead
Vest: Capt America Movie Crossbones
Bag: Spytroops Agent Faces modified
Explosives: Mines from Tripwire, Grenades from various Viper backpacks, C4 from one of the Firefly figures, mines and stick grenades from Marauder
Backpack: Firefly
Missile Launcher: Snow Serpent

I had been wanting to use this head for a long time. Originally I was going to use it on a new sculpt Beachhead custom but never did. I had gotten a couple PoC Beachhead figures to use for customizing. One I used for my Firefly custom and the other I hadn't decided what to do with yet but knew I wanted to try to use it intact without modifying. Browsing through the site I came across LeeMarvin80's Wreckage which I thought was a great use for that body and I loved the idea of using PoC Zartan's bag too. I thought this would be a great opportunity to use that Corps head as well. I was going to use the Zartan bag myself but I had so much I wanted to put in it that it wasn't big enough so I opted to use the Agent Faces bag instead which I think works just as well. I modified the strap by adding a Snake Eyes bandolier to it. I think the grenades on it help tie it into the original figure too.

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