Head: RoC Shipwreck
Torso and Arms: Paris Pursuit Snake-Eyes
Hands: Star Wars
Legs: RoC Cobra Commander
Feet: Star Wars

According to the original packaging for the Whip, after nearly being beaten to death a young sailor vowed never to go unarmed again. Traveling the world he collected his gear, boomerangs, a shinai stick (aka kendo sword), bolas, and a whip. Naturally this led to him being recruited to Mattel's answer to G.I. Joe, Big Jim's P.A.C.K.

This figure sat in some form of construction for over two years. I just couldn't find boomerangs I liked. Finally, I decided to just make my own, at which point I realized that I needed to scrap most of the figure I'd already built (and started painting) because the proportions were terrible. Glad I did though, because he's one more P.A.C.K. character checked off the list. One of my favorites too.

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