Head: DC Infinite Heroes- Starfire
Neck post: 25A Destro (IG uniform) cast
Hair, waist, gunbelt: NS Baroness
Extra buckle on gunbelt: NS Snake-Eyes harness
Chest/back: NS Jinx
Arms, lower legs: NS Scarlett (Ninja outfit)
Hands: 25A ???
Upper legs: NS Bombstrike
Rifle: ???


Cobra Whisper was one of the Amazon Kindle Worlds characters in the 2015 contest to pick a figure (see dedication below). Though a fantastic character, Whisper didn't win the competition so a custom is in order. The look of the artwork is loosely replicated here using DCU and NS parts. The Starfire head has almond-shaped eyes like the artwork, and the other parts look like an armored uniform. The tiny Starfire hands were replaced with the larger ones to adjust the proportions.

My Vypra custom, based on the GI Joe Collectors' Club version, has a similar look- and uses parts from the same source figures as this custom. As to not look like that custom, Whisper is unmasked and has no sword. The throwing stars on the forearm leave a bit of martial arts goodness, though.

Colors & Paint:

I'm happy to say that the figure's color scheme was approved by Whisper's creator himself, Justin Bell.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The hair was removed from the head and replaced with NS Baroness hair, which has been slightly epoxied on the pulled-back side. The neck is marginally short, as it's adjusted to have the bottom of the hair swoop sit on the shoulders. This looks good, but the head is set in the always-looking-to-the-side position. Gaps between the hair and the head were epoxied smooth.

Chopping off the tiny NS hands and replacing them with 25A ones added articulation, too. The screw insets on the thighs are epoxied smooth.

The shoulders are NS, so they're oversized. I usually find replacement arms, but the Scarlett arms had the right look below the shoulders. I used a dremel tool to shave down the figure's left shoulder. The armored right shoulder is intact to show a size difference.

The side pouches were cut off of the Baroness gunbelt to alter its appearance a bit. The pouches were separated and moved to the upper arms. The gunbelt originally set right where the chest/back and the waist met. To lower it, it was cut to open more. The gap was filled with a buckle from a NS Snake-Eyes harness.


The character of Whisper was created by writer Justin Bell of generalsjoes.com. The figure is dedicated to him. Whisper was the infant survivor of Cobra's massacre of the fishing village in Marvel's GI Joe #1. Taken in by Cobra Commander himself after his soldiers orphaned her, she was raised to become an assassin. Could there be a better and more organic character origin story for long time fans of the Marvel run?

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