Head, boots: Star Wars- Padme
Draping section of hair: Star Wars- Princess Leia (Ewok Celebration)
Chest, back, legs (to boots): ARAH/Comic Pack Scarlett
Arms: DCIH- Starfire
Gloves: Indiana Jones- Mutt Williams
Waist: NS Lady Jaye
Firearms: Marauder???


Xenia Onatopp was a Bond girl/villain in GoldenEye. Played perfectly by Famke Janssen, the character remains one of the best Bond villains, even 20+ years later. This custom imagines her cheating death and joining the Red Shadows.


Very loosely based on the character's death scene appearance, and shows what she might have worn had she survived. I considered adding some hint of a techno spine, but why give the character a sci-fi edge it doesn't need? The parts are a mixture of ARAH, Star Wars, DCIH, and Indiana Jones. The Padme head, based on Natalie Portman, is a decent approximation for the look of Famke Janssen. The buff arms are junk parts. They have no elbow articulation at all, but I like the streamlined look better than other parts I tried.

Colors & Paints:

Dark colors, like most of the Onatopp's costumes in GoldenEye. Scarlett's turtleneck is painted as a choker.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The hair is reworked, with a poof added to the top and the draping section of hair added below the top part of the bun. The grenade was grinded off of the chest. The tiny Starfire hands were replaced with the larger Mutt Williams ones, improving the overall length of the arms. The bottom of the chest/back is tapered to better fit the Lady Jaye waist. The Padme boots are added to the Scarlett lower legs, making the legs longer, too.

Thanks for looking.

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