Head: Broken Arrow
Torso & Arms: 25th Dr Mindbender
Legs: 25th Comic pack Shipwreck
Vest: 25th Gungho

Zandar is the youngest of the three siblings that lead the Dreadnoks and as such thinks he has to work harder to gain the respect of the other Dreadnoks, this makes him a little impulsive and some say even a little crazy. He is one of the most deadly Dreadnoks with a knife and a master of Parkour which makes him very versatile in a fight.

I always hoped Hasbro would make an updated figure of Zandar as he was one of my favorites as a kid but I don't think I'll hold my breath. I always thought that in the 25th line they would do him and Zarana because they did the other Dreadnoks and at least to me Zartan's siblings are more important than the others. Thanks for looking.

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