Head: Duke V3
Chest: Bazooka V1
Arms: Hawk V2
Hands: BBi
Middle Piece: Bulletproof V
Upper Legs: Grunt V3
Lower Legs: Grunt V3

Zandar was always one of the Dreadnoks that had a ton of potential, but looked like a circus freak. I always
envisioned him as being a bit darker than Zartan or Zarana. I also pictured him as a loner, the sibling that probably travelled a lot and was exposed to many different cultures. In my JoeVerse the character of Zandar does not fit in with the rest of the Dreadnoks. His motorcycle is a sport bike, not a Harley. His weapon of choice is a highly modified sniper rifle. My version of Zandar also spent time in the Japan and apparently studied martial arts there, taking several traditions and looks from the Japanese underground that he trained with. Like the rest of my Dreadnoks, all of Zandar's gear is removable so that he can blend into society and not draw attention to himself.

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