Zandar, with RoC storm Shadow legs

I love Zandar, the whole idea that he is just so forgettable that people don't notice him is cooler to me than being a master of disguise. However his figures are both a bit ehh. I am not certain why he and his sister were designed so similar, especially since the design really didn't match Zartan either. In the 80's I painted his hair black, and swapped out his torso and arms for night force crazy legs. I have no idea why...

this modern update i wanted him in pants and sneakers because i figure he'd be a parkor champ. I swapped the piece of his sisters shirt he wears with that Arabic looking stormy's scarf. I wanted it to be reminiscent of a gypsy/fortune tellers wrap. To add to the mystique tie him into the deep mystical creole swamp. I think it works for him. also to add to that bit of "southern" mystique he is wearing confederate grey pants with a yellow wrap at his waist. he likes the symbolism of "rebel" it brings to the table. Though no one will ever notice it.


- most of the joe team

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