Head: IJ Motorcyle Mutt Williams
Upper torso, arms: '06 Degobah SP? Luke Skywalker
Hands: ???
Lower Body: SW '08 Kit Fisto
Vest: Resolute Firefly


Another "Now a Joe" figure. Zapper was the "electronics whiz" for Eagle Force. The biggest details of the Mego figure were the lack of sleeves, the sunglasses, and the mustache. I kept those, but did away with the beret. There's something about this character that I've always disliked. Maybe it's the sunglasses and the mustache combo, but Zapper looks like a guy who would own a windowless creeper van.

Colors & Painting:

Using the same color set as my other Eagle Force customs, with the original metallic gold replaced by a camouflage pattern.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The waist was secured to the torso.

Thanks for looking.

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