Base Figure: Spirit
Paint: blue, red, tan
Accessories: Spirit pants, Spirit knife sheath strap, Tunnel Rat guns and grenades, Duke grenade, Armor Snake-Eyes shoulder armor

I based this figure off the Devil's Due version of Zandar. Spirits head was a perfect base for the figure so with a little paint I had him exactly as I wanted. With some tan paint to change the flesh color, red for the hair and blue for the shirt, he was born. I painted on the blue headband and face paint. I added a shoulder armor piece from the Ninja Armor SE and the modifications were complete. With my trusty blue Sharpie I dirtied up Spirits pants and added a strap of grenades. I didn't want to sculpt on a shoulder holster so I left the Sigma port hole on the chest and just plugged in the Tunnel Rat pistol. Gave him Tunnel Rat's rifle and he was done.

Code Name: Zandar
Real Name: Unknown
Dreadnok Saboteur

Primary Military Specialty: Infiltration
Secondary Military Specialty: Sabotage

Little is known about the Dreadnok Zandar. He is the older brother of Zartan, the Dreadnok founder and leader. A master of camouflage and infiltration, Zandar can be in a crowd of hundreds and no one would ever know he was there. He can slip in and out of nearly any facility without leaving a trace and disappear into the night right before the explosives he planted detonate. However his skills come with a price. Zandar is paranoid to the point of near psychosis due to the fact that since he blends in to the background so well, his fellow Dreadnoks hardly notice him, even when he speaks. He believes that they are trying to push him out of the gang's hierarchy, a suspicion that is not totally without merits. However as long as his brother Zartan is in charge, Zandar will always have a place in the Dreadnoks, even if no one else knows he's there.

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