Sigma 6
Ninja Armor Snake eyes shoulder pads
crime boss Destro Pants
swamp skiier mask - Lt. Stone's Zartan disguise
Spirit's longbow
Dark ninja master's dagger

The journey of the man that would become Zartan was a long tortured and turbulant one. The abandonment of his family, the tragic moment of rage that forged his fate into darkness. At first the change was that to a petty thief and con man to espionage. The need to survive would hone the masterful edge of deception that his entire life has become. He was introduced to the man he would become by a scholar that would be one of his first brothers of destruction, and the fledgling arms dealer before he earned his mask. Later the joined efforts of his surrogate family and his siblings would cause him to lose his own face among the crowd gathering in his mind and begin the reign of Zartan.

I went with some of the devil's due look for him, I figured that if sunlight hurt him so much then after awhile he'd wise up and cover himself, and his swamp skiier persona has a sort of crazed 'nam veteran look to him I like

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