Head: Chap Mei
Body: Cobra Surveillance Port Tele-Viper
Strap and belt: Vinyl w/ twisty tie wire buckle
Cape: Darth Vader skirt
Sword: Defense of Cobra Island Night Creeper
Knife: ARAH Viper v.4
Pouch: Disney Indiana Jones

Zarak was born to be an assassin. Growing up on the outskirts of the furthest villages in the realm made him isolated to begin with. Being bullied and despised for his appearance and smell his entire life just made him tougher. Because of his orc blood, he grew to be stronger then those who bullied him. It also allows him to see perfectly in the dark. His human blood makes him smarter then regular orcs.

If you're willing to meet his price, he'll kill whomever, steal whatever, or find out any information you want. He's skilled with the long sword, dagger, and various poisons.

I wanted to use this head for a fantasy based thug for a long time.

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