Head: Action Forces

Torso: Outback v3

Arms: Outback v3

Hands: S.O.S. Commandos

Waist: Mutt v1

Legs: Outback v3

Weapon: Elite Forces

Backpack: Hawk v2

A 3 3/4" version of Lt. Stone, not in the future, but now, with the Joes of present.

He´s a commander like Beach Head or Sgt. Slaughter.

The head is from a brazilian collection, made for Gulliver Toys. It´s a Lt. Stone´s miniaturized head (that De Luxe model, with bandana and radio). The rubber made hands are from S.O.S. Commandos (Gulliver), the same soldiers of Commando (Schwarzenneger's movie).

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