Random Sigma 6 Parts
(I bought a "lot" of parts and figures, and didn't keep track of who the parts belonged to)

* Based on the 2009 Canadian Joe Convention Exclusive figure of the same name.

Code Name : Frostback Trooper
SECONDARY SPECIALTY: Ordinance (Experimental Weaponry)

The Cobra Frostback Troopers are drivers for the newly launched and experimental H.A.T.E. vehicles.

As a requirement, Black Ice himself has gone over each driver's dossier personally to ensure certain qualifications are met.

To qualify, a candidate must be born and raised in Canada. If any applicants have lived outside the Canadian borders for more than a month, they're kicked from the program. Black Ice instituted this requirement after the Battle of the Frozen North when he lost against the Canadian Joe team. He blamed his failure on Cobra Commanders non-Canadian recruits that were under his employ. The secondary requirement is to have 1000 hours logged in for tank maneuvering.

Most Frostback Troopers have been recruited from inside Cobra North, while a few are disgruntled Canadian Police, Mounties, & Military personnel that have left their previous positions for Cobra North under the delusion that it's for the good of Canada - under a Cobra government.

They first became known to the Joes when Back-Stop, out on a routine scouting mission, stumbled upon a fleet of H.A.T.E.'s being tested. They destroyed the Persuader he was in, and he reported back to HQ.

They take pride in destroying their surroundings in battle and rarely check for survivors.

It's rumoured that the "Best of the Best" from the ranks of the Frostbanks are recruited for another position within Cobra North, but there's been no solid information to confirm it.

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