Head: Modded and shrunk Marvel Legends
Body: SHS Juggernaut modded

Roadblock is reborn!, (after being killed in my Dio-Story Dead End) thanks in part to a Cobra human hormone growth process coupled with strands of the Dead End virus (the virus brings the recently departed back to life). The end result leaves Roadblock "Hulk Like". He once again sides with the GI Joes, but his rage, at it's peak, can blur the line between friend and foe.

Here's the back story for End Of Days . . .

The events described in End of Days take place after Dead End*.

The zombie outbreak had all but doomed humanity. Government Scientists, in secret locations, work at fever pitch to reverse the effects and find a cure. Meanwhile the united leaders of the world agreed to level major Cities (which had been abandoned), using non-nuclear weapons, hoping this would get the virus under control. But it did not. The result was destruction and major power outages.

The battle between the G.I. Joe team and Cobra continues.

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