Head: Trigate/SDS
Shades: Guru Toys
Torso/Arms/Coat: ROC PIT Hawk
Upper Legs: 25th Storm Shadow?
Lower Legs: XMO: Wolverine
Guitar: Scratch Built: styrene, paper, apoxie

Recent Classified Ad posted in Soldier of Fortune Magazine:
WANTED: Transportation Specialists. EXPERIENCE a must. Looking to fill AIR and GROUND positions, just TWO(2) spots available. Only qualified applicants need apply. Contact MR. WADSWORTH at (555) 555-5555.

While many applicants responded to the ad, their efforts were futile. These two posts were accounted for the moment the ad went up. For this wasn't any old classifieds recruitment ad - this was a notice. That the top reserve pilot and top reserve driver from the Fort Wadsworth roster were being called to service. The ad ran only once. And the author of it, one Agent Craig S. McConnel, knew that's all it would take.

The first man to respond landed within 5 hours of receiving his instructions via phone. While his call to service turned out to be something much less than official (it seems Agent McConnel broke more than a couple protocols by running this notice without going through the proper channels), retired Chief Warrant Officer William Hardy accepted the offer to aid in the rescue of his former comrades being held captive on Cobra Island within minutes of his boots touching the ground.

Wild Bill, it seems, has become something of a mini-celebrity since his retirement at the end of the Cobra Wars. He had short-lived fame as a Country & Western recording artist, but quickly gave it up when he learned that what he was attempting to do as a legit artist was being interpreted, and finding success, as Country Comedy (a la Rodney Carrington).

Thereafter he continued his dance with quasi-fame when he took a post as a television and radio news correspondent in the Houston metro area, broadcasting exclusively from his news chopper. He started out doing simple traffic reports, but his involvement in a high speed police chase (most notably his apprehension of the fleeing suspect via the firing of his Colt .45 from his news chopper) earned him notoriety and the moniker Crazy Bill Hardy (they wanted to call him Wild Bill, but Bill declined for security reasons).

Thereafter, Crazy Bill was utilized for all branches of the news, and would regularly give news, sports and even weather updates live from the chopper. While he found the experience an entertaining one, he did not waste any time in responding to the Soldier of Fortune Bulletin, and the chances that he will remain in service beyond this initial mission are high.

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