Head: City-Strike Snake Eyes
Torso: POC Arctic Destro
Shoulders: 25th Iron Grenadier
Arms, lower legs, feet: Iron Man movie figure
Thighs, pistol: ROC Reactive Armor Heavy Duty
Backpack: 25th Crimson Guard
Crossbow: ROC Eel

The Cobra Mortal is a weird figure. I built an "out-of-the-box" Cobra de Aco and like the way it turned out, so I wanted to take a shot at another South American character. His color scheme is bizarre so it was a challenge to make it work, I think it came out successful.

He's described as ruthless and more "computer than human" so the Iron Man parts fit him, and I used the Snake Eyes head as a tribute to the original. His weapon of choice is a crossbow, I used a Jurassic Park Dino Tracker's oversized catcher-tool for the arms on the Eel's harpoon.

His final stature makes him an enemy not to mess with.

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