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Head: ROC Duke
Torso: 25th Grunt
Arms: ROC Duke (Target version)
Upper legs: ?
Lower legs: 25th Cobra Commander
Feet: 25th Snake Eyes
Vest: ROC Pitt Commando
Rifle: Marauder

Regent is a member of a black ops team, which team and from which service is currently unknown. All that is in his official file is a single piece of paper with the name Regent and one sentence, "A valued operative of the State Department of the United States." It is signed by no less than the President of the United States himself.

This guy may be a bad guy but at least he's on our side.

This guy was made as a challenge issued by Daremo. He was made out of a set of spare parts D sent me. I had him made and painted in under an hour. The camera brings out the brush strokes of his jeans but in hand they look much more like denim.

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