ROC Destro - Base Figure
Star Wars Bacta Tank Luke - Head
25th Mutt - Gauntlet
ROC The Doctor - Hand and Claw
Chap Mei Shackles - Gauntlet spikes
Transformers Ravage (large and small) - MAD CATs

I love when people take existing characters from various sources and update their design or concept, or alter them to fit in this universe or that. This was my attempt to bring one of my favorite bad guys from childhood up to date.

Most of the work was involved with modifying the head and building his signature claw. The look is actually based on an old Dr. Claw from Inspector Gadget toy which was the first place they revealed the way the cartoon character was supposed to look. It's a pretty hideous toy, but I decide to stick to some of the ideas it showed.

I immediately thought of an updated MAD Cat when I saw the Transformers Ravage update, and picked up 2 of the smaller version when those came out. I figure they're MAD C.A.T.s, Cybernetic Animal Troopers.

May eventually repaint them but I feel they work fine as props for Dr. Claw, who is really the main focus.

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