X-Men Origins Wolverine Gambit - Base Figure
ROC Flash - Lower Arms
25th Cobra Commander - Upper Arms

After I read both Invincible and Wanted, I knew I had to have a custom of each title's character to face off against each other, as they made such wonderful polar opposites.

I chose the Gambit base because rather than just paint on the costume colors, I wanted a slightly more "real world" version of the costume, with some raised armored areas. It was also a chance to experiment with metallic colors, as Invincible exists in a very flashy universe and I could see his suit having a metallic sheen to it in the real world.

Just used a little green stuff to sculpt the lenses onto the Gambit head. All in all I think it's very recognizable rendition of the character while still having some originality to the design.

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