Head: Star Wars comic pack figure
Torso and arms: Build n Brawl figure
Legs: G.I. Joe Resolute Firefly
Harness: G.I. Joe 25th Anniversary online exclusive Desert Cobra Officer
Weapon: G.I. Joe 25th Anniversary Red Ninja

Recently I started looking for ways to expand the Dreadnok roster in my Joeverse. I had been ignoring the Convention Set exclusive characters because they seemed like uninspired head swaps and repurposes of existing 'noks. But When I looked closer at the filecards and art, I saw potential.

Crusher had been a Gnawgahyde rip off. But one poacher in the gang seemed like enough of a stretch. I was more intrigued by his added background as a wrestler, and decided to build my reimagining around that.

In my 'verse, he's a washed up professional wrestler, ejected from the sport for thinking it should be more realistic and dangerous. To make ends meet, he took work as a freelance animal control specialist in the Florida everglades. His distinctive tool is being strong enough to grapple a full-grown alligator or crush a man's ribcage in the right hands.

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