Head- ROC Ripcord
Body- ROC Sgt Stone
Hat- 21st Century Toys
Vest- ROC Duke Pit Attack
Web Gear- 25th Anniversary Joe (?)
MP5- Cobra Paratrooper
Canteen- 21st Century Toys

Agent George Dillon is a CIA agent who served alongside Dutch during Vietnam. Currently he has been sitting behind a desk and has not been in the field for some time. When the need arose for a rescue team to be sent in to save a team of missing Spec Ops, Dillon took the initiative to join Dutch's team as mission director. Some say that he did it to relive his glory days. Dutch and Dillon were friends since the war, but Dutch does not think his CIA friend has what it takes anymore. The rest of Dutch's team feel that Dillon is a liability to their mission.

This was one of the easiest figures to customize. Dillon is almost an LBC; a head swap, repaint, and add a few items, but Dillon was a simple character in the film. I did take the same care to attention and detail on Dillon as I did with the rest of the figures

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