Head: Bandai Gashapon/Statue Batgirl (modified)
Torso: MU Mystique
Limbs: 25A Comic Pack Scarlett
Belt and Gauntlets - bash of the Gashapon and Scarlett
Cape: Half of skirt from SW Slave Leia
Emblem: Electrical tape

Barbara Gordon

Batgirl in the EXCAL verse got started because as the daughter of Commissioner Gordon, she saw firsthand the need Gotham had for help once Bat Man departed for EXCAL. She was a member of the Gotham PD SWAT team, and taught martial arts to the force as an instructor on the side. So she already had a significant head start on the skills needed to take on the job. For his part, Bruce Wayne was reluctant to endorse any "replacement" after the Selina Kyle debacle. But Batgirl's pedigree and individual success as a crime fighter eventually left him no choice but to bring her completely into the fold. In fact, Barbara has even been staying at Wayne Manor in Bruce's stead, under the guise of house-sitter, while also making full use of the other "facilities" located nearby.

This look was inspired partly by the current Batgirl, but also by the look from the old Batman television series. Though I've gone with Barbara Gordon presently, I do intend to make a Stephanie Brown as well, perhaps even letting them co-exist in this verse.

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