Head: Terminator Salvation
Torso and Limbs: 25A Snake Eyes
Lower Arms: ROC Flash
Cape and Scarf: ?

TO: The Paladin Masters
FROM: Oliver Queen
RE: Ginaz

I know for a fact that Knighthawk is a Ginaz graduate, and I have it on good authority that our Silent Master not only graduated but also taught other would-be-swordmasters at the famous elite institution. Knowing that graduates come few and far between, I am hopeful that one or both of you know the man I am about to post surveillance of. He goes by the name Duncan Idaho, though I have some doubts that is his given name. He has burst onto the scene in an unlikely fashion, as he seems to be living with some of the radical refugees of the Iraq disaster.*

*It seems our initial intel reports fell way short of just how many people survived the holocaust that occurred there when the hidden WMD reserves were inadvertently (intentionally?) triggered all at once. While it certainly ended the war, it unfortunately created a frontier environment where hearty souls with dreams of empire have been trying to reclaim the oil fields, even at the cost of their own lives. It was believed that no humans could possibly have survived the devastation but we are being proven wrong, based upon the satellite imagery we have been picking up finally, after the dust has begun to settle, these many years later.

Anyway, the land they now call Iraquis (pronounced Arrakis), is teeming with activity. And we have direct evidence that this Idaho fellow is amongst the few free men left in the barren land.

Why is this important? Two reasons. One, if there is an "in" to be had in Arrakis, we want to be a part of it. If any of the Masters believe they can reach Idaho, I will authorize this effort immediately. Two, Idaho might be our first real link to making friends with the Mediterranean island nation of Caladan. We want them to be on our side - they have a key strategic location and a strong military presence in the region. That they have been fighting a decades long war with the former eastern block nation of New Geidi (a lot we really don't want to be associating with), should make an alliance even more beneficial to both sides. We have it on VERY good authority that New Geidi has already joined the MEDUSA network, and that Caladan is being courted by them presently. There are even reports of a cease fire between Caladan and New Geidi which is very troubling, should it lead to a new alliance with MEDUSA.

So please make contact at once - I understand this involves risk a little different than normal, but it needs to be done. We need an "in" to meet with Duke Leto Atreides of Caladan. While he is by all accounts a good man, he is understandably distrusting. Why his best fighter is in the barren desert right now is, at the least, an unsettling question.

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